Moodstuck Lip Exfoliate Younique Bon Bon

WATCH YOUR MOUTH!! Lip Exfoliate!

It’s a good time to watch your mouth

Lip Exfoliate & Lip Bon Bon Conditioner WATCH your MOUTH
This is a very good dally routine after wearing glitter lips, dry waxy stains, apply this moodstruck lip exfoliate

Younique Lip Exfoliate
Younique Lip Exfoliate

What is in it ?

This lip exfoliate contains sugar and Shea butter. Condition with younique little bon bon.
Apply lip exfoliate then use your finger in a circular motion to remove dry skin dead skin cells. Remove excess with a damp cloth.


 How to condition your lips

After lip exfoliating then apply youniques Bon Bons which come in several flavors to the lips to condition overnight keeping your lips moist.

Keeping your lips free from drying out through the harsh cold season

After applying exfoliants be sure to condition with unique slip by bumps it is suggested that you wear this overnight so you literally moisturizer hydrated overnight preparing them for the next day

Younique Lip Exfoliate sugar shea butter

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