Younique LipStain Review- How to Apply LipStain 

YOUnique LipStain review

Do you know how to apply Younique’s lip stain to your lips?  Does It Dry patchy?   Does it bleed onto your teeth?

Younique LipStain
Younique LipStain

One of Youniques top lip products is my favorite color is in skittish!

although it is a top-selling products the application of product is not the same as that of a lipstick Or lipgloss .

Because it has a loose in content, it will tend to bleed onto your teeth, and onto your tongue giving you the appearance of you eating candy.
So be sure to pay attention to the following video below, to get a complete understanding of Younique’s Lip Stain application process .

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what are the pros and cons of a lip stain?
View the live video below for application

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