Younique spring 2017

Younique newest Release Luminizers!!

today is the day that Younique has currently released it’s √† la mode collection

of course there was a waiting line because YOUNIQUE reps worldwide are expecting to purchase the product to see and share in its quality.

This week I will share each individual product information pictures how to and details.

For more information click on the link below. 


Some of the new products

Younique spring 2017
Younique spring 2017

 Some of the new products include

  • touch BEHOLD translucent setting powder ready set spray
  • sculprit Brows  Obsession pallet
  • and of course the
  • touch A’La Mode Luminizer

 we will discuss each of these individually during the course of this week be sure to register check back tomorrow 

Younique Behold
Younique Behold

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