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5 simple steps to Daily Makeup with my Younique Extravagant Regal Heartbreak

Many days it doesn’t take a whole lot of make up so today I wanted to share with you quick video tutorial on my daily makeup wear..

Using Younique Eye Primer always begin with priming my browser bar were looking after a long primer to sit for five minutes I’ve been applied hurt break over the entire landscape of my eyelid.

After applying heartbreak to my entire landscape I didn’t follow it with regal placing it just in the outer corners of my eyes

Unique cream skirt eyeshadows in extravagant is one of my favorite clue cells to you, today I will apply it to the middle section of my mind and/sneer much you’re going to my lids. Now I am on replacing shadows in the center not the entire lid!

I love to use you need sedation pallet number 1. right eyeshadow it is a darker color shadow man color and I love to use for my eye crease.  After applying my liquid eyeliner and let the fiber lash mascara basically go with my liquid to powder foundation to Paris for contouring using liquid to powder foundation and Sherman lose for highlights and a liquid to powder foundation in Cyprus for the outer parameters of my faves and to chisel cheeks.

Because this was a daily where I topped it off with the basic pastel pink lipstick me affluent lipstick good for every day wear.

No need to reply lots of heavy make up it’s just something to wear on a date today bases to put your best face forward.

Find video tutorial below please share and let me know in the comments section

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