Younique Monday Marketing Madness

Women in business must be prepared at all times

Prepared to present yourself professional under every circumstance is what truly separate the wheat from the tear.
Today’s Monday madness marketing strategy is a simple strategy .

Maybe not even a strategy  but more of an FYI (for your information)

It is always important as women in business that we carry three  cards

Personal cards

Many times we run into old friends old associates and we want to share our information but not be real tacky about it by writing it down on a sheet of paper. To me even asking them to connect with you on Facebook is ratchet .

It is wise to always have a personal business card with your name your personal number and your personal point of contact it is best if this has a headshot.  This is good to help Your potential client to remember your face

Business cards

Of course for potential clients business partners networking events you need to have a business card which explains what your profession is

Your business card should contain your business information  business telephone number , business email address and if needed your website address must be present on your business cards.  It is not needed to have a personal headshot but a logo or a picture of the product that you retail does help your clients to associate it to your business

There are many situations, you may not want to share your business information , and  vice versa in some situations.   You may not want to share your business information it is good to have one of each

Coupon cards

Last but not least coupons discounts or even, frequently used stamps are also cards to keep your clients loyal and keep them coming back for more. Incentives, discounts & giveaways,

Most people will come back if they have an incentive or giveaway to look forward to and will remain loyal clients

Always be sure to give something away remember you by!

Remember :  PIGS GET FED


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