Younique Perfect Eyeliner ~Technique Tuesday

Technique Tuesday


Here’s technique Tuesday really quick technique that I wasn’t aware of that seems to be working swell this far . To shave a younique liner so more smoothly, and to leave a finer point turn the sharpener.. instead of the pencil!!

Who would’ve thought just a simple shift in the way you do things would create such a different result.
YOUnique pencils come in 15 different colors. OF COURSE interchangeable, but definitely Smear proof smudge proof water proof.

Younique pencils
Younique pencils

Another thing that I love about the pencils is that they are plastic and not wood!! Keep in mind that they can be sharpened by any generic pencil sharpener, but best results are with Younique’s sharpener which comes free when you purchase a set.

Younique pencil sharpener
Younique pencil sharpener

Here’s a video below of the durability of these liners.

Always keep in mind one simple adjustment can change your end results!

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