Younique Pokemon

What if Pokemon Go was a Younique Opportunity to Grow?

There is a cwazy craze…  and has been for a few weeks now,  for Pokémon!   Pokémon go requires you locate Pokemon  in an area .. go to that area …  to participate in the game!

Younique Pokemon
Younique Pokemon

I wonder..  if that were possible  for this thing we call opportunity …

if we could position opportunity and inspire people to grab it!   Would they go ? would  they be interested?   Are people interested  in living outside of mediocre?    Would they be interested in success in business?   if people are willing to chase Pokémon ?

why are they not so willing to chase opportunity to be successful?

Makes me wonder!

Too many times we are more interested in the entertainment that Education.. we are more interested in chasing Pokemon go than  chasing opportunity.   It was reported that people almost fell off the cliff for this Pokémon go.. Yet people are no longer willing to think outside of the box for opportunity.

when will we grow ?

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