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Younique Presentation with Bri Richards

People really trip when they hear my testimony.  No one knows what a person has experienced, conquers, challenged by in life until they LISTEN…  below may help many understand that there is NO FACE of PSTD, Depression, low Self Esteem.. BUT they can be sure that they do have unique PURPOSE . 



Monthly my sponsor Bri Richardson host an online virtual testimony service. I call a testimony because of the women from different very age groups who have shared  testimony  of how their businesses changed there lives.  More specifically their YOUNIQUE biz. 

Above is my personal testimony ! I didn’t know I would be so transparent. 

 However my three points: 


 Love the business that your in and the products that you share… 


 Be sure that means used to grow your business  is something you have access too and love to Do!  Younique  provides a social media plan.. . Most people love social media 💜


 We all want to live debt-free money has everything to do with your style. Be sure to get paid immediately  why should you have to wait!!! 



 Living a wealthy lifestyle,  leaving wearth for your children is amazing. However having greater purpose of being blessing to others …. is even greater. Be sure that you have a greater purpose 


 So take a few moments to share with me your personal testimony.

Your why. What is it that you look for it when you’re looking to do business. Why are you going to be missed ?   What  blessing having been to others.. Feel free to share. 

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