Younique Pristine White Makeups Best Primer~Technique Tuesdays

Many have said, that a white liner is the best primer for your make up!   So let’s not get it twisted,  There are many ways to use  Younique’s Pristine liner.  The smearproof, smudge proof , waterproof liners, is a  top must have beauty liner in the industry market today.

So today’s Technique Tuesday will be a list of different ways in which to use our Younique Pristine White Eyeline



Combining several colors to provide dimension to your pout, by placing your Younique White Pristine Eyeliner in the center pout of your lips.  Adding depth and definition…


Placing a light line on your waterline allows your eyes to appear brighter, wider and refreshed!  


( position 1)    Use White pencil to highlight your brows! This should not be HEAVY… But blended downward to provide highlight and lift to your brows arch. 

Use it as a base/primer  for your eyeshadow  

(Position 2). Younique’s Pristine White liner can be used as either a “milk”stick providing a base for longevity and Brighter Youniqie Shadows. 

Yes Hun! Pristine can Also STAND ALONE as an accent to your Eyes!   

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