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Play games you get Played..You are Late

Facebook Games? LIVE STREAM! Sistas still LATE! Wakeup to Network Marketing

You have got to be Tripping,  you say You have no purpose?  Nothing to Do?  so you spend time playing games on Facebook?  Twitter? and Catching Pokemon on pokemon go app ?

In this era of technoinfoedutainment, its time to Network.. there is no excuse not to live to your fullest potential… This video rant derived from an early morning invite to play a game on FB…
Its not the Game that was the issue,its just that  many friends are involved in facebook games, pokemon go, and others… but how many would take time to become more informed in business entreprenuerial ship, in a time where financial independence is of great importance.
Network Marketing is designed for Younity, and to allow each of us to create Income. why take time out to play games, that result in nothing, instead of investing your time and your knowledge in building long term residual income, by working with sistas who are willing to help You to grow.
I say this out of Love… As a people of color, we are always stereotyped as being late.. for things that are New to us. that we may never have understood before…
I believe its time for us to Stop playing Games, and start Building Empires, thru the industry of Network Marketing…

What is it that you do in your spare time?  do you Network?  do you know the importance of network marketing?  Do you believe that playing games has its designated time?   Play hard now work hard later? or Work Hard Now, play harder Later?

Let me know about what you think of building a network, vs having a job?

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