Younique Secret Revealed! Lip liners are the Bomb With Bon Bons 

More than anything I cannot leave the house without something on my lips!  usually because there’s nothing on my face I usually rock a BOLD LIP!    NAtural eyes  I tend to Rock a Bold Lip.. And visa versa

As in previous articles I have spoken on using your YOunique  lip liner as my lipstick.   And I have consistently and constantly complain about one issue that I had .  Which was that it was & could  Dry my lips out Girl

With the recent release  of Touniques Bon Bons which are excellent lip conditioners .  I decided to try to use the combo lip liner in Bombon together.    because of the moisturizing factor of the  Oils  in the moisturizers  I assumed it would moisturize the dryness as a result of using the lip liners

Because the liners naturally Hate oil I couldn’t use a moisturizer First, because the lip liner would not adhere to my lips.   Maybe that wasn’t a good choice of words ..   however I did discover that I can use the liners on my lips and then place my lip Bon  Bon on top to supply moisture.   Surprisingly  there was no cracking and no flaky and no feathering.

So in the above picture I used my pouty lip liner which provides a natural color for my  lips and my lip Bon Bon  in raspberry cheese cake.

Today was my first day trying it so I’ll try them tomorrow to see if I  get the same results!

Ill keep you posted
Please share and suggest your combos beLow

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