YouNique’s 2016 Catalog Val Howard channels  her inner Janelle Monae !!

She rocked the socks off of this mother sucker! No if and’s or But’s about it!  With a high bun and a poppin red lip.. Looking STINKIN RICH!!   she kilt  it !  Slayed!    with hot sauce in her swag bag..  Slayed

Big Kudos and congrats to my sister Val Howard on channeling her inner Janelle  Monae as she was featured in Younique’s 2016 catalog .  (Be sure to check out the breakdown of this look  below.)

I’m still kicking sand cause  she did not make the cover which I have a problem with …(just keeping it real)

on the inside she represented very well and this photo  has got to be one of my favorites ! Here is another look that gives me daily glow..

It’s again so awesome to see the versatility in natural makeup looks.

HOWEVER!!  Let me play devils advocate tho!  Do Not  get it twisted and Confused.. (Opening SPAIN in 2016 )  I NEED YOU to get it Rite!  Younique works  for chocolate girls too!

Yes Black, darker than a paper bag, Dark chocolate mocha Cypress girls LIKE ME!!  

So, contrary to popular belief .. Sisters do have businesses minds!

sisters do rock the network marketing profession!

sisters  girls are fearfully and wonderfully Younique Naturally! 

Rock on sister’s Rock on!

congrats Val

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